What is Nurseplus Connect?

As part of our ongoing commitment to curating the highest possible homecare service, Nurseplus Care at home has introduced an additional range of extra healthcare services to support our clients from home.

Nurseplus Connect aims to make healthcare services more accessible, with each and every one of our clients having access to a number of additional benefits included as part of their Care at home package.

What is included as part of Nurseplus Connect?

There are a number of additional healthcare services available to you including;

  • Online GP

Speak to a GP on the same day from wherever you are

  • Counselling

You can access structured counselling or specific support including bereavement, financial or family related counselling.

  • Physio

Receive online assessment and advice, or more specific rehabilitation and prehabilitation programmes.

Is there an additional cost associated with Nurseplus Connect?

There is no additional cost associated with the inclusion of Nurseplus Connect within any of our Care at home services. Nurseplus is constantly seeking to ensure our clients receive the best possible homecare service and Nurseplus Connect is a premium service that will hopefully benefit all of our clients.

How do you access Nurseplus Connect?

Our clients can access Nurseplus Connect and the GP, counselling, and physio services by telephone and email at any time of the day, no matter where they are.

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