Care for Children & Young Adults

Care for Children & Young Adults

Specialist support and homecare for children and young adults

Specialist support and homecare for children and young adults

At Nurseplus Care at home, we provide personalised paediatric homecare for children aged 4-18 with complex care needs, right in the comfort of their own homes. Our goal is to ensure that children and young adults can stay within their family homes and communities, whilst receiving the care they need.

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How do I arrange Homecare for Children & Young Adults?

Our expert homecare team will help guide you through the process of arranging your children's care package

1. Contact our homecare experts

Get in touch with our team of local homecare experts using our online enquiry form or call us on 08000 622 622 to discuss the range of available homecare options. Our team is available 24/7 and aim to respond to all enquiries immediately.

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2. Free assessment within 24 hours

Our experienced homecare team will discuss your requirements, learn more about you or your loved one, and carry out a free assessment within 24 hours to understand the type of care you require.

3. Your bespoke homecare package

Our team will create a bespoke care package based on your needs and preferences. All of our homecare staff are carefully matched based on the individual requirements of you or your loved one.

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Understanding Homecare for Children

Children in need of care at home may have varying medical conditions, disabilities, or special requirements. Homecare provides them with necessary care and support within the familiarity of their home, fostering a sense of security and stability.

Our homecare for children and young adults is centred around bespoke, personalised care. With each child having unique needs, our homecare service allows for tailored care plans. Whether it involves administering medication, managing therapies, or providing emotional support, care for children at home guarantees the right level of care and attention for each child.

Special care needs for children at home

Providing homecare for children with physical and learning disabilities demands a specialised approach. At Nurseplus Care at home, we appreciate the unique challenges involved in homecare for such children. Our caregivers are trained to cater to each child's individual needs, with a bespoke classroom training course developed to cover this in great detail.

We understand the importance of customising care plans for children with special educational needs. Our team of homecare experts and dedicated caregivers are able to collaborate with parents, teachers, and therapists to promote a learning-friendly environment.

Emotional support is equally crucial for children with special needs. Beyond physical care, our caregivers offer compassionate support to children facing emotional challenges, ensuring a secure and comforting at home childcare environment.

Special care needs for children at home

Homecare support and services for children and young adults

Appropriate support and services are vital when caring for children at home. Our care workers ensure children's well-being and safety at home, whilst we are also able to provide respite care for young adults. At Nurseplus Care at home, we are able to provide a range of services tailored to each child's unique needs, including;

Personal care

Assistance with bathing, dressing and toileting, as well as getting ready for school or bed

Medication administration

Assistance with any medication management including administration, collection and organisation

Support at school or college

One-to-one support at school or college, or assistance with getting ready for school in the mornings

Domestic tasks

Help around the house or community with pets, shopping, activities, shopping and much more

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