Nursing Care

Nursing Care

Nurse-led clinical homecare support for those with complex needs

Nurse-led clinical homecare support for those with complex needs

At Nurseplus Care at home, we offer a nurse-led clinical homecare service, providing those living with more complex care conditions to remain living independently in the comfort of their own home.

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How do I arrange Nursing Care?

Our expert homecare team will help guide you through the process of arranging your nursing care package

1. Contact our homecare experts

Get in touch with our team of local homecare experts using our online enquiry form or call us on 08000 622 622 to discuss the range of available homecare options. Our team is available 24/7 and aim to respond to all enquiries immediately.

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2. Free assessment within 24 hours

Our experienced homecare team will discuss your requirements, learn more about you or your loved one, and carry out a free assessment within 24 hours to understand the type of care you require.

3. Your bespoke homecare package

Our team will create a bespoke care package based on your needs and preferences. All of our homecare staff are carefully matched based on the individual requirements of you or your loved one.

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Understanding Home Nursing Care

Home nursing care is a specialised provision offering medical care and support to individuals with complex care needs in the comfort of their own homes. This service allows individuals to receive the highest quality health care without the necessity for hospitalisation or residing in a healthcare facility.

At Nurseplus Care at home, our nurses are trained professionals who provide extensive and personalised care to patients recovering from an illness, surgery or those living with chronic conditions or disabilities. One of the key differences between home nursing care and hospital care is the environment. Private nursing care at home allows patients to stay in a familiar and comfortable setting, contributing significantly to a faster recovery and overall well-being. Furthermore, home nurses provide one-on-one care, ensuring personalised attention and support. They also play a vital role in educating and training family members or caregivers to assist in patient care, promoting a collaborative approach to healthcare.

Our in-house Clinical Team

At Nurseplus Care at home, we have an in-house clinical team of Nurse-led experts from different specialties who work closely with our local branches and our clients to ensure person-centred, tailored care.

Our in-house Clinical Team is able to have immediate access to provide assessment expertise and expert clinical knowledge, meaning that we can be responsive, ensuring the right level of care is provided.

Professional, safe, compassionate and holistic support is enshrined in everything that we do at Nurseplus Care at home.

Our in-house Clinical Team

Who can benefit from Home Nursing services?

Nursing care at home is a blessing for individuals requiring medical assistance but prefer to stay in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. Here are some of the people who can greatly benefit from home nursing services:

  • Elderly individuals living with chronic illnesses or disabilities

  • Patients recuperating from surgical procedures or hospital stays

  • Individuals with terminal illnesses who prefer to spend their final days at home

  • People living with physical or cognitive impairments

Who can benefit from Home Nursing services?

Certain specific conditions may also benefit from nursing care at home, such as:

Home nursing services also play a critical role in promoting independent living, allowing individuals to receive the necessary medical attention whilst maintaining their autonomy and quality of life. With nursing care at home, patients can continue to live in a familiar environment, surrounded by their loved ones and personal belongings.

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Understanding the financial aspects of Home Nursing services

Grasping the financial aspects of home nursing services is crucial. This section provides an overview of the costs related to nursing care at home, potential funding sources, and a comparison of the costs of home nursing and residential care.

The costs of nursing care at home can vary based on factors such as the level of care required and the duration of care. Our expert homecare team can discuss the range of options available, and provide you with an accurate estimation of costs for your nursing care at home.

Funding options

There are a number of potential funding sources that can help cover the cost of home nursing services. These include:

  • Local Authority Funding: Depending on your needs and financial circumstances, you may be eligible for funding from your local authority.

  • NHS (CHC) Funding: In certain situations, the NHS may provide funding for specific nursing care needs. It's advisable to consult with your healthcare professional to explore this option.

  • Private Funding: Self-funding is another viable option where individuals or their families cover the cost of nursing care at home privately. This approach allows more flexibility and control over the choice of care provider and the level of care received.

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Funding options

The benefits of Nursing Care at home

Nursing care at home offers numerous benefits that significantly improve the overall well-being of individuals requiring assistance. From emotional to physical benefits, nursing care at home enhances the overall quality of life.

Comfort and security

Emotionally, the comfort and security of being at home can alleviate anxiety and reduce stress levels. Patients can maintain a sense of independence and autonomy, positively impacting their self-esteem and emotional health.

Tailored support

Nursing care at home allows individuals to receive personalised attention from healthcare professionals in their own homes. This includes assistance with medication management, wound care, mobility support, and other medical needs.

Reduced risk of infection

By receiving care at home, patients can avoid potential risks of hospital-acquired infections and enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable environment.

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