How do I arrange Learning Disability Support?

  • 1. Speak to our local team

    Call our team of local homecare experts on 08000 622 622 available 24/7 and discuss the range of options we have available.

  • 2. Free assessment within 24 hours

    Our experienced Care at home team will discuss your requirements, learn a bit more about you as a person, and carry out a free assessment to understand the type of support you or a loved one might require

  • 3. Create a bespoke care package

    Our team will create a bespoke care package based on your needs and preferences. All our Care at home staff are carefully matched based on the individual requirements of each client.

Tailored Learning Disability support to enable your loved one to live independently.

We understand that individuals with learning disabilities may require additional support and care in order to live comfortably and independently in their own homes. Our dedicated homecare and support services are tailored to each individual to meet their exact needs and help them to live fulfilling lives.

Our experienced staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide personalised and compassionate care. Whether it’s assistance with daily activities such as dressing, meal preparation and chores around the house or more complex needs, like managing medication and promoting healthy lifestyle choices, our team is here to help.

We also understand that that social engagement and participation in community activities is important for the wellbeing of people with learning disabilities. So our homecare and support services include accompanying clients on outings and participating in community events, helping them to build relationships and stay connected to their community.

Enhancing independence and promoting a fulfilling life

​We understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with learning disabilities and their families. Our team of dedicated carers is committed to providing compassionate and personalised care, right in the comfort of your own home. With a focus on enhancing independence and promoting a fulfilling life, we are here to support you on your journey towards empowerment and well-being.

Why Choose Nurseplus Care at Home for Learning Disability Homecare?

  • Dedicated carers with expertise

We have a team of highly trained and dedicated carers who specialise in providing care for individuals with learning disabilities. Our carers possess the expertise, patience, and understanding required to support individuals with diverse learning needs. They are passionate about helping you reach your full potential and live a meaningful and independent life.

  • Personalised support and care plans

We believe in providing care that is tailored to your unique needs and requirements. Our experienced care team works closely with you, your family, and healthcare professionals to develop personalised care plans that address your specific challenges and goals. We take into consideration your learning disability, communication preferences, daily routines, and personal interests to ensure that you receive the most effective and individualised care possible.

  • Promoting independence and skill development

Our primary goal is to enhance your independence and promote your overall well-being. Our dedicated carers provide support and encouragement to help you develop and maintain essential life skills, such as personal care, household tasks, and social interactions. We believe in empowering you to lead a fulfilling life and reach your potential, no matter your learning disability.

  • Sensory stimulation and engagement

We understand the importance of sensory stimulation and engagement for individuals with learning disabilities. Our carers are trained to incorporate activities and environments that promote sensory exploration and engagement, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We aim to create a stimulating and supportive environment that fosters your cognitive, social, and emotional development.

  • Emotional support and companionship

We understand that individuals with learning disabilities may face emotional challenges. Our carers provide emotional support, companionship, and a safe space for you to express your feelings and concerns. We believe in fostering a positive and nurturing environment where you feel heard, understood, and valued. Our carers are here to provide reassurance, empathy, and a sense of companionship to enhance your overall well-being.

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Why choose Nurseplus Care at home

  • We have been recruiting and training carers since 2005, so you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands

  • You will have a dedicated care team lead by an experienced Registered Manager

  • Carers chosen especially for you, so you can continue doing all the things you love

  • You will receive reliable care, from a team local to you

  • We run a responsive and flexible service, completely tailored to your needs.

  • The reassurance of a fully regulated care service

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Exceptional, compassionate carers

At Nurseplus Care at home, we realise that letting someone into your home is a big step, so whilst our biggest priority is making sure the right medical support is in place, we don’t underestimate the importance of connecting with your care team on a social level. We match every client with a carer they can really connect with, so we will work with you and your loved ones to find a carer who will suit your personality and lifestyle so you can genuinely enjoy your time together.

Every single Nurseplus Care at home carer is subject to a stringent pre-screening and recruitment process, and mandatory training programme carried out by our dedicated Training team internally.

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Additional healthcare services at your fingertips

At Nurseplus Care at home we strive to ensure that our clients have all the support they need. That’s why we created Nurseplus Connect!

Nurseplus Connect aims to make healthcare services more accessible, with each and every one of our clients having access to a number of additional benefits included as part of their Care at home package.

Nurseplus Connect gives you free access to multiple healthcare services including an online GP, counselling and physio services.

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Learning Disability Support FAQs

  • ​Learning disability care and support services, offered by Nurseplus Care at home, are designed to provide comprehensive support and assistance to individuals with learning disabilities, ensuring their well-being and quality of life all whilst being able to remain in their own home.

  • ​Our learning disability care services are tailored for individuals of all ages who have learning disabilities, including autism, Down Syndrome, and other cognitive challenges, and require specialised care and support within their own home.

  • ​Learning disability care encompasses individualised care plans, skill development, behaviour management, therapy support, and emotional care, all aimed at promoting independence and growth. Whether it’s assistance with daily activities such as dressing, meal preparation and chores around the house or more complex needs, like managing medication and promoting healthy lifestyle choices, our team is here to help.

  • ​We aim to match you with a carer who aligns with your preferences and the specific needs of the individual with a learning disability. We'll take into account any care needs, and also the interests and hobbies of the individual to ensure a great match. During the assessment process, you can discuss your requirements with our team.

  • ​Learning disability support and care offers help to promote independence and skill development for individuals with learning disabilities, while providing respite and support for their families. Ongoing support, care and companionship can help them to build relationships and stay connected to their community.

Looking for more information?

  • Call our local team

    Call our team of local homecare experts on 08000 622 622 to discuss anything from the type of care available to homecare costs.

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  • Book a free assessment

    We will carry out a free assessment within 24 hours to understand the type of care you or your loved one might require.

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  • Download a brochure

    Our digital brochure is a great starting place to make an informed decision on the homecare service you might need.

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